Satellite Image Data

Sentinel Satellite Image Data

Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B 10m Resolution Satellite Image Data

Sentinel Satellite Image Data

13 Band Multispectral Resolution Satellite Image Data

Sentinel-2 is a Wide Swath, High Resolution, Multispectral Imaging Mission. Its Optical Instrument Samples in 13 Spectral Bands: Four Bands at 10 Meters, Six Bands at 20 Meters and Three Bands at 60 Meters Spatial Resolution.

The Sentinel-2 Mission is based on a Constellation of Two Identical Satellites, Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B, launched separately. Each Satellite has a Swath Width of 290km.

The Sentinel-2 mission supports Operational Applications primarily for Land Services, including the Monitoring of Vegetation, Soil and Water Cover, as well as the Observation of Inland Waterways and Coastal Areas. Sentinel-2 will complement Missions such as SPOT or RapidEye.

When requesting a Quotation for SENTINEL 10m Resolution Satellite Image Data, please always send us the Coordinates or Shapefile in Geographic Latitude / Longitude: Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes and Seconds of your Area of Interest; once we have this information we will then send you a Detailed Quotation.

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