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Our Spectral Analysis is produced using various highly Specialized Geological Type Programs to produce a Target Detection Analysis Result. The Spectral Analysis Function “searches” an Input Multispectral Satellite Image for a specific Mineral / Metal which is Termed the Target, that is suspected to be present within an Area Of Interest in Low Concentrations, Medium Concentrations or High Concentrations.

Our Spectral Analysis is Produced using various Highly Specialized Geological Type Programs

Alteration Mapping Kimberlites

Alteration Mapping - Slide 06 (All Minerals) Raster

Alteration Mapping - Slide 01


Alteration Mapping - Slide 02 (Ilmenite)

Alteration Mapping - Slide 03 (Olivine)

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Alteration Mapping - Slide 04 (Chrome Diopside)

Alteration Mapping - Slide 05 (Pyrope)