The Pléiades Constellation provides Colour Products at 500mm Resolution that deliver an extremely High Level of Detail.

Detailed & Precise

The Pléiades constellation provides colour products at 50 centimetres that deliver an extremely high level of detail. These products’ location accuracy and excellent image quality make them the ideal solution for precision mapping.

Fast & Frequent

Designed for civil and military users, the Pléiades system is especially suited for emergency response and change detection.

Available & Flexible

Pléiades’ acquisition capacity and exceptional agility maximise the number of images of a given area of interest, so more requests can be satisfied on the same pass.

Image acquisition is tailored closely to requirements, whatever the scenario (small targets close together, large areas up to 100km x 100km, stereo or tri-stereo acquisitions, or linear features such as coastlines, borders or pipelines).

The Automated Tasking Service allows for easy and quick ordering of new data over small AOI’s that will be reliably acquired and delivered.

In the Tailored Tasking Service, a detailed study ensures the service is perfectly tailored to satisfy the individual customer's needs (emergency, large area, stereo acquisition, time series, etc.), with the care and the follow-up of a dedicated tasking expert.

For extreme reactivity needs, the Instant Tasking Service gives access to a top level of priority, on line, 24/7. The area of interest is acquired with the next satellite pass and delivered fully automatically, any time, any day.

Offering an ideal trade-off between coverage, resolution and speed, Pléiades products are especially useful for applications in defence, civil protection, hazard management, urban mapping,precision agriculture and network and infrastructure administration.

Pléiades Benefits



Revisit Rate

Swath width


Processing levels

How To Purchase

Customer Support

Please contact a Geoscientific Expert

Telephone International: 0027-538315194


Global Sales

An extensive worldwide Sales Partner Network has been established to help you in your country. Always just an Email or Telephone call Away.

When Placing An Order

When requesting a Quotation please always send us the Coordinates or Shapefile in Geographic Latitude / Longitude: Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes and Seconds of your Area of Interest; once we have this information we will then send you a Detailed Quotation.

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